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Dura Ace


Bike or Beach?

Jens Voigt-Full Gas


Who does not love Jens Voigt?  Imagine Jens behind you in a group ride…passing you like you were standing still…then having an espresso with him later at a coffee shop swapping stories of your kids!  I say he should be head of the UCI.  Or the world for that matter.  I’ve always wanted to draw Jens but had to find a good method that was worthy of his uberness. I think I may have taught myself just that through shading instead of doing my normal lines and fills and then post shading.  I used Sketchbook Pro for this one and started shading into an opaque image rather than outlining.  I hope you enjoy the drawing as much as I enjoy being a Jens fan!



Leopard Trek Team Bio: Jens Voigt                                                             Jens Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jens_Voigt

Video: Shut Up Legs!                                                                            Video: Jens explaining his crash

OnVelonation by Jered Gruber: I’ll burn                                                     (Notice the contrast between Chris and Jens’ facial expressions)

Velo Bella Nutella


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Blame it on the Cleats

The series of unfortunate events that led to this all too common newbie cyclist folly:

In July of 2004 I was still a newbie to cycling and had just purchased a new Specialized Allez; my first real ride.  I needed an upgrade from my SPD pedals to compliment the new bike, so I installed a new set Look A5.1 pedals that were still a tad too tight on the cleats.  I knew I needed to break them in but had yet to learn proper “on the bike” dismounting techniques.

Excited, I decided to go for a spin to try them out. I pedaled about a block away from home and rode toward an uphill stoplight which had just turned red. The light took its sweet time and I felt the bike slowing down fast.  As I rolled closer to the light, I panicked and scrambled for every last bit of momentum I could muster, steering and jerking my bar in every direction in an attempt save my balance.  Suddenly, I realized that it was too late; I was completely stopped. I was confused as to which shoe needed to be released to plant on the tarmac while I struggled to free the stuck cleats from my pedals.  I was in trouble. I fell to the right in slow motion and all I could think of were what kind scratches I would put on my brand new bike from this mistake.

I ended up with a bruised and scraped right elbow, a scraped left hand from trying to catch my fall, scratches on my wheel skewers, handle bar, right pedal, and a battered ego.  To make things worse, a car drove up where I had crashed to check on me.  The passenger, a strikingly beautiful southern California girl looked out of the window and asked if I was okay. Dumbfounded and embarrassed all I could muster up was “Ya, I just slipped.” I didn’t even say thanks for asking.  The car drove away.  Embarrassed, I got back on the bike and rode a few blocks to make sure anybody who saw the incident didn’t think I was just going to turn around and go back home.  That day I gained my first bike crash story and I tell it as a self deprecating joke to everyone who cares to listen.  To this day, I’ll blame it on those damn pedal cleats.