The Climb-Digital Sketching

My first try a Digital Sketching using a Wacom Bamboo digital tablet and Sketchbook Pro

Drawing and sketching have been an integral part of my life since I was young. I was fairly good but never really great. Throughout the years I would find myself sketching here and there but really with no purpose. Now at 34 years of age I am happy to see that one of my sons acquired the love and skill for drawing as well.

Recently when my wife started her blog drawing has come back with some sense of purpose and I am enjoying every minute of it. Creating a drawing starts like it always did, you need a pencil, a clean sheet of paper and an idea. For eight months since my wife started her blog I sketched characters for her blog the old fashioned way. The problem with ideas and sketches are you change your mind all the time, you make mistakes and sometimes you have to start new = erasing becomes a hassle. I knew that there were better options out there but was just plain ignorant about it. I work in the technology field but not in the graphic design world so when I started to investigate I was stunned. Boy how times have changed.

The sketch above was done on a Wacom Bamboo Craft size small. It took a while to get used to as the feel is very different of course but not impossible for those open to the idea of drawing on a piece of plastic and watching for the outcome on a computer screen. I am really happy with it especially since my super knowledgeable brother in law who actually employs graphic artists swayed me from buying the top of the line large size Intuos model and go with the smaller and cheaper Bamboo. This saved me a ton of cash and also discomfort because the smaller tablet allows you to use more condensed hand strokes due to the size of it’s drawing area, leaving your drawing hand and arm with less strain. The software I picked is by AutoCad called Sketchbook pro. It’s got a very grass roots approach just as you would sketch on pencil and paper but with the added features and convenience of many graphic design software packages today. So next time you look at a line drawing you might just ask yourself is that a digital or a traditional sketch? I can’t wait to get my son on this.

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